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Sex Assault Bill Proposed

Lawmakers in Harrisburg, say one in five female undergrads in Pennsylvania will be the victim of a sexual assault.
That’s why on Wednesday, lawmakers introduced a new bill called the “Campus Safety and Accountability Act” which asks for new resources on campuses, such as specially trained counselors for students who have been assaulted.
The new act would also call for minimum training standards for campus personnel who investigate sexual assault cases. In many cases, when student athletes are accused of assault, the universities put the responsibility of conducting ensuing the investigations on their athletic departments.
The new bill introduced yesterday would eliminate that procedure.

Governor Coming To Altoona Tonight

Governor Tom Governor is coming to Blair County to campaign for re-election against Democrat Tom Wolf. The governor will be at PNG field in Altoona this evening, and everyone is invited to come out and take part in the event, which will include a picnic and a ballgame too.
For $23.25 per adult, and $18.25 for kids 12 and under, you get a game ticket, and an all you can eat buffet from 6 till 8 tonight.
Gates open before 6, so come early.

Chronic Wasting Disease Under Study

Some deer in Pennsylvania that tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease are providing researchers with valuable samples and insights on combating the deadly disease.
State Ag Secretary George Greig says that Chronic Wasting Disease is making its way across the state and state officials are trying everything they can to stop its spread.
Chronic Wasting Disease attacks the brains of infected antlered animals such as deer, elk and moose, producing small lesions that eventually result in death. Animals can get the disease through direct contact with body fluids from an infected animal.
So far, no evidence has been produced that would point to any risk for humans or livestock.
Symptoms include weight loss, excessive salivation, increased drinking and urination, and abnormal behavior like stumbling, trembling and depression. Infected deer and elk may also allow unusually close approach by humans or natural predators. The disease is always fatal and there is no known treatment or vaccine.
Surveillance for the disease has been ongoing in Pennsylvania since 1998.
For more information, visit and click on the “Chronic Wasting Disease Information” button.

Man Charged After Removing Ferris Wheel Pins

A 19 year old Altoona man faces a theft charge for allegedly removing safety pins from a Bedford County Fair Ferris wheel. Police haven’t filed any charges to suggest passengers were at risk.
State police filed charges Tuesday against Cody James Stoy, who allegedly pulled several safety pins from a Ferris wheel the evening of July 22. He was riding on the wheel when he removed the pins, police said.

Corbett Rallies in Support of Energy Workers

Governor Corbett on Wednesday rallied on behalf of working families in Pennsylvania’s energy sector. At the Rally to Support American Energy in Pittsburgh, Governor Corbett criticized the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s recent proposed rule for power plant emissions reduction, which could result in significant job loss in Pennsylvania.

Corbett said some officials refuse to acknowledge that coal is now cleaner, and they don’t recognize the advancement this American industry has made

Economic Signs Improve

There are hopeful signs about the economy. Jack Murphy reports.

Ebensburg Votes For Water Fees

Ebensburg Borough Council voted on Monday to approve an ordinance allowing the borough to levy fees to pay for stormwater management projects.
Council, by unanimous vote, said the fees will go into effect as of September first.
The decision comes after a four year study to map the borough.
Fees will be $48 annually for residents until January first of 2016, when they will double to $96 annually.
The fee will be payable in installments every other month.
For non-residential properties, the maximum fee is capped at $2,880 annually.

PSU Dispute Heads To Court

A Penn State University trustee election dispute took a turn when it moved into a Centre County courtroom on Tuesday.
The court action comes as former State Representative Jess Stairs claimed he narrowly lost a seat on the Board of Trustees in the spring election.
Attorney’s for Penn State on the other hand, argued Stairs’ lawsuit has been filed in the wrong court and it cannot proceed.
Stairs was a candidate to represent the State’s Agricultural Societies. He claims the vote among delegates was flawed because some ballots were confiscated by supporters of one of his opponents during the election.
It’s especially stinging, because he was defeated by just one vote.

Home Sales Improving

Some good news today on home prices. With the latest, here’s Jack Murphy…

Airport Makes Agreement

The Altoona Blair airport Authority will allow it’s fixed base operator to transfer responsibilities to a newly formed corporation.
The authority voted Tuesday to accept IG Flight Services LLC as the airport’s FBO, which handles fuel sales, maintenance on aircraft, and other aviation related services, all of which have been handled, since 2011 by DeGol Jet Center. Effective this Friday, they will now be handled by IG Flight Services LLC.
DeGol will retain access to a private self-service fuel pump next to it’s hanger at the airport, but that pump will not be available to the public.