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Possible Record Elk Killed By Poachers

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has issued a press release, stating that possibly the largest bull elk ever recorded in the state of Pennsylvania was shot illegally earlier this month. Now, three Centre County men have been arrested for shooting it, and two other elk too.
All three elk were poached in Clearfield County.
25 year old Frank Buchanan of Bellefonte; 46 year old Jeffery Bickle, also of Bellefonte; and 20 year old Cody Lyons of Milesburg, if convicted, will all face tens of thousands of dollars in fines, plus more than $11,000 in what the Game Commission calls “replacement costs”.
A preliminary hearing for the three men has been set for Monday, Oct. 29 at the Clearfield County Jail.

Headed East To Hunt Saturday? Be Careful!

Archery season for deer begins statewide in Pennsylvania this Saturday. While hunters in our neck of the woods have no such worries, hunters in the Northeast portion of the state, in the area where the massive manhunt is still underway for alleged cop killer and now fugitive Eric Frein, are being asked to use caution and anticipate police presence in parts of Monroe and Pike Counties.
Pennsylvania State Police are currently concentrating the search on Price, Barrett, and Paradise townships in Monroe County; and Blooming Grove, Porter, and Lehman townships in Pike County.
If you are planning to travel east to that part of the state to hunt, police say you should use extreme caution, and avoid wooded areas with obvious police activity.
So far, the Game Commission and the State Police have not restricted hunting in that area, but they say they will not tolerate any hunter interference in the search for Frein.
The Game Commission and State Police are also urging anyone that witnesses suspicious activity or discovers possible evidence related to the search for fugitive Eric Frein to call the PSP TIP Line at 1-866-326-7256.

Many will be hiring this holiday season

Need extra money this holiday season good news many business will be doing a lot hiring, Jack Murphy with more.

Voting Registration Deadline is Saturday

The deadline to register to vote here in Pennsylvania is just days away. You must register to vote by Saturday, which marks 30 days ahead of the November 4th general election. Residents can apply at several locations, including PennDOT photo and driver license centers and armed forced recruitment centers.

Drug Sweep Nets 18 Dealers

A drug investigation in Blair County culminated with a sweep on Monday that resulted in 18 arrests. Tony Sassano, local director for the Office of the Attorney General, says The suspects are alleged to be individual, street-level heroin dealers.

Judge Calls Priest “Father Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

A federal courtroom packed with supporters on Monday, as a local priest faced charges of child pornography. At the end of that hearing, a federal judge ordered Rev. Joseph Maurizio to stay in the Cambria County Jail. More than 40 people packed into the Johnstown Federal Courthouse for the hearing, all in support of Maurizio. Many wept as he walked in the courtroom handcuffed and escorted by Marshals. Prosecutors told the priest should remain in jail because since the case went public two victims from the area ages, 5 and 7 have come forward alleging abuse.
The prosecution also made the judge aware of charges being filed in Honduras against Maurizio. The judge said the two sides painted a picture of “Father Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,’ making it difficult case. However, because of Maurizio being a flight risk, he ordered him to stay behind bars.

Higher ATM Fees Planned

ATM fees are going up. Jack Murphy has the update.

“Yes” Means “Yes”, But “No” Still Means “No”

California has become the first state to enact a law telling college students “yes means yes” when it comes to sex.
What those behind it say it means is that silence or a lack of resistance doesn’t mean consent. That also goes for someone who is drunk, drugged, unconscious or asleep. But this UCLA student says body language can say a lot…

So far, there has been no comment on if or how the new law in California may eventually come to affect students here in Pennsylvania, and specifically, at Penn State.

Penn State Student Dies In Crash

Officials have now released the name of the Penn State student who died in a crash over the weekend.
Police say Joshua Mejia, a senior from New Jersey majoring in Hospitality Management was killed in the one car crash that happened on East Park Avenue when he missed his exit and ran into a concrete barrier.
Mejia, who was alone in the vehicle, was rushed to the Mount Nittany medical center, where he later died from his injuries.

Hunt Continues For Alleged Cop Killer

In Northeastern Pennsylvania, the man police say murdered a state trooper is still on the loose.
State and Federal law enforcement agencies are still searching for Eric Frein in the Pocono Mountains in Monroe County. They think Frein is hiding out in the woods relying on his survivalist training.
They also say, after several long-distance sightings of Frein last week, that they think he is playing some sort of cat and mouse game with law enforcement. He wasn’t spotted over the weekend.
Investigators now say, after going over the hard drives of computers he had access to prior to the shooting, that he meticulously planned the ambush for as much as a year in advance, after finding evidence that Frein had been doing research on everything from police manhunts to law enforcement technology to various survival skills.
Frein, according to police, has experimented with building explosives in the past, and now every officer involved with the search is being warned to watch out for possible booby traps.
Police are asking folks in that area to avoid hunting and target practice as they continue to hunt him down.