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Gun Owner Rally in Harrisburg

Gun owners who want to protect their Second Amendment firearms rights are making their case to Pennsylvania state lawmakers during what’s become an annual event. A raucous rally drew hundreds of gun rights supporters to the Capitol on today, filling the Rotunda to the point where security had to turn people away. Speakers outlined threats they see to gun rights, including lawsuits and the national political environment. Several brought up a “state of emergency” declaration for the opioid crisis issued early this year by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, an order they warned can prevent people from carrying concealed weapons. Wolf’s office has said the declaration would not allow police to take guns and does not affect carrying weapons or using them to hunt or for self-defense.

12 Year Old Charged With Attempted Homicide

12-year-old charged with attempted homicide…with the details here’s Tony Magoo…

State police have said that a 12-year-old boy will be charged with attempted homicide after allegedly shooting a 54-year-old man Friday afternoon. The boy then fled the scene on a stolen ATV. Wade Booher, of Cromwell Township, called police and was “life flighted” to UPMC Altoona. The 12-year-old boy, who has not been named by police, was taken into custody without incident. In addition to being charged with attempted homicide, the boy will be charged with theft of a firearm, theft of a motor vehicle and unspecified misdemeanor charges.

Legal Medical Marijuana in Altoona

Local doctors are now prescribing medical marijuana in Altoona, with the rest of the story, here’s Tony Magoo…

Medical marijuana is legal in Pennsylvania now There are over 30,000 patients that have been approved to use it, and there are many physicians who are now able to prescribe it. Dr. Fred Khalouf of the University of Orthopedics in Altoona treats patients who suffer from severe chronic pain from cancer or spinal conditions and Parkinson’s. Dr. Khalouf said, “The results have been great, controlling pain, controlling spasticity, going above and beyond anything we’ve used so far.” The Altoona dispensary isn’t open yet so they travel to Enola or Chambersberg.

Gov Wolf Wants to Block Amazon Financial Incentives

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration went to court this week to block requests for records of financial incentives it offered Amazon to build its second headquarters in Pennsylvania. An administration lawyer asked Commonwealth Court to reverse an Office of Open Records decision deeming the records to be public and ordering their release. The Morning Call of Allentown requested the records. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were among 20 finalists for a facility that the online retailer promises will bring 50,000 new jobs and construction spending topping $5 billion. Rob Wonderling, president of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia,said Pennsylvania planned to offer Amazon more than $1 billion in tax incentives if the online retailer built its second headquarters in the state. City and state officials have otherwise refused to disclose details, and Pennsylvania state officials have long refused to disclose incentives offered to companies until there is a formal agreement.

New Details About Last Week’s Small Plane Crash

Investigators say the pilot of a small plane had reported ice buildup on his aircraft and asked to divert to a nearby airport shortly before the crash that killed him and his passenger last week in Pennsylvania. A preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board says the pilot had asked to land in Johnstown on April 19 but was told that conditions were better in Altoona. He requested guidance to the Altoona airport at 8:30 a.m. and crashed about 15 minutes later in the backyard of a home near Williamsburg. The men killed in the crash were identified as Stephen Grady and James Durkin. They had taken off from Lancaster and were traveling to Indiana for a University of Notre Dame alumni conference.

Gov Wolf & the Gun Show Loophole

On Monday, Gov. Tom Wolf asked the Legislature to pass a measure expanding background checks on firearms in Pennsylvania and end an exception for private sales of shotguns, sporting rifles and semi-automatic rifles, known as the “gun show” loophole. The Democratic governor appeared at a news conference in his Capitol office with officials from the Pennsylvania State Police supporting his call for action as lawmakers consider firearms-related measures in the wake of February’s Parkland, Florida, high school shooting that killed 17 people.

Gov Wolf Moves to Expand Backround Checks on Firearms

Gov. Tom Wolf wants the Legislature to pass a measure expanding background checks on firearms in Pennsylvania and end an exception for shotguns, sporting rifles and semi-automatic rifles that are sold at gun shows. The govrnor’s news conference today comes as lawmakers consider firearms-related measures in the wake of February’s Florida high school shooting that killed 17 people. However, the Republican-controlled Legislature has long resisted gun-control measures and is unlikely to expand background checks or ban certain devices, such as assault-style weapons or bump stocks, despite the governor’s support. The Senate last month unanimously passed a bill to force people with a domestic violence ruling against them to more quickly forfeit their firearms. Gun-rights groups dropped their opposition after negotiating last-minute changes and the House is eyeing similar measures.

Big Reward for Missing Explosives in PA

Federal authorities have doubled the reward to $20,000 for information on the theft of hundreds of explosives from a worksite in Pennsylvania. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says approximately 700 pounds of dynamite and 400 blasting caps were stolen over the weekend from a Gregory General Contracting Company site in the southeastern part of the state. The ATF says the explosives had been stored in a locked truck trailer when workers left the site Friday, and they discovered the theft Monday after noticing that the trailer door was ajar and the locks were missing.

Latest on Small Plane Crash

A small plane crashed in central Pennsylvania, killing two men traveling to Indiana for a University of Notre Dame alumni conference. The Federal Aviation Administration says the single-engine aircraft crashed about 8:45 a.m. Thursday in a residential area in Williamsburg, about 10 miles east of Altoona. The plane had taken off in Lancaster and was originally bound for South Bend, Indiana, but was diverted to the Altoona airport. The men were identified as Stephen Grady and James Durkin. Grady was a Camp Hill dentist and Durkin owned a Lancaster security business.

Blair Co. Plane Crash Being Investigated

The coroner was called to the scene of a plane crash in Blair County Thursday morning. Dispatchers said it happened along the 800 block of Larke Road in Woodbury Township.
6 News contacted the Federal Aviation Administration for more information about the crash.
“A Cirrus SR22 aircraft crashed in residential area in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania today at 8:44 a.m. The FAA will investigate and the NTSB will determine the probable cause of the accident,” according to an FAA representative . NTSB officials have confirmed the plane took off from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.